short lines

Romano Krzych is sound-maker musician performer from France
Ex-activist from the noise expe scene of Paris, where he played and booked intensivly.
Among other collaborations, was 1/3 of Bülanz Orgabar, and 1/2 of u.n.d.o

from 2011 based and activ into Prague scene, Czech Republic/
collaborations :I R , Žužu, Plej Granda Surprizo 

+ ponctual meetings  

already booked a good bunch of shows with his self-agency ROGOMICKIN

Especially he introduced and adapt to the local scene the Erik Minkkinen's concept of Placard Headphone Festival - and already set five of them

now plays mostly as a soloist, under the name of Romano Krzych or else O Reche Modo

one (Rkz) is more involved into ugly performances, sonor attentats, party spoiler ,obcessed by failures and non-spectacular limits of what's a show etc

the other (O Reche Modo) more autistically focused into tapes manipulations, expression by sounds, sensuality and exorcisms
(cames from jazz, improv music / and plays saxophone sometimes )

"Rkz" = to resume (and hide) several identities in perpetual explosion
* musician-musician, naiv and deep adhesion, 
* lucid and focused on a refusal to "play that game" and above all to produce anything : then how to transform this inversion of nowadays values into an uneatable, an uncatchable meta-material (impossible) = time of performances, generous or unpleasant, provocatively funny, ridiculous or angry (party spoiler)
inhabited by the desire to inspire a detachment of the illusions (including social) produced by the music and the stage
* a simple nobody, a never-born, a Beckett, a Bartleby, an incredulous watcher